Tips For Faster Hair Growth

Tips For Faster Hair Growth

The following tips will help your hair grow faster and will also be healthy for your hair.

  • Healthy eatingImage result for healthy eating

    • A vitamin-rich diet is probably the best way to get a healthy head of hair because it stimulates the speed of hair growth. Fruit, vegetables and iron-containing foods should be on your  shopping list if you want healthy hair.
  • Brushing the hair

    • Brushing the hair (before and after washing it) stimulates the blood flow to the scalp and distributes the nutrients in the hair more evenly. Don’t brush it when you hair is wet though.
  • Massaging the scalp using a oil

    • By massaging the scalp using a combination of the right natural oils, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals (found in natural products like Har Vokse) you can clean out the hair shaft, increase the scalp bloodflow and promote hair growth.
  • The Hair’s Moisture Supply

    • There are maintenance agents that can be used in the hair to provide moisture. Oils are the best for this.
  • Avoid stress

    • “It’s tearing your hair out.” – The rumor that one’s hair falls out from stress is true, so stay casual and cool and try to avoid stress!
  • Supplements

    • Use natural hair growth supplements when you can’t cover your nutritional needs in your normal diet.. Vitamin A, C, H, and all the B vitamins, as well as copper, zinc, keratin (protein), silica and iron help in the quest for healthy and longer hair.

What NOT To Do

You now know what promotes hair growth and what keeps the hair healthy and stable. Now we should mention the things which are not healthy for the hair. In addition to a poor diet and a lot of stress, here are some things that should be avoided if you want to grow your “dream hair.”

  • Shampoos with siliconeImage result for hair care

    • This type of shampoos dry out the hair and causes it to break down faster. Blow dryers and flat irons have a similar effect as the silicone shampoos. The hair is almost attacked and becomes unstable when you use these products.
  • UV Lightcurly brunette in the air

    • UV rays bleach the hair which is very destructive to the future of your hair and your looks. If you go in the sun extremely often you should protect your hair by wearing a hat, a hoodie or a cap sometimes.
  • Salt and chlorine water

    • The hair is softened and then becomes dry again, which causes a steady change that is bad for the hair, especially when combined with the sun!
  • Hair ties and clips

    • If these are  worn in the same locations on the hair every day, it can cause the hairs to  break there!
  • Bleaching, dyeing, hair extensions and permsImage result for hair care

    • A further explanation is unnecessary, as it is well known that all chemicals, used in this realm, attack and cause damage to the hair.

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