Tips to Stay Healthy – Women

Tips to Stay Healthy – Women

1. Take Care Of Food

Avoid unhealthy food that is high in calories. They gradually take a toll on your health leading to weight gain, heart diseases and cholesterol. Eat seasonal fruits that are rich in fibers, vitamins and proteins. Nobody asks you ban those delicious desserts all together at the every beginning. But a little moderation at the beginning can ensure that you never reach the stage where you can’t have it anymore. Make it a point to eat healthy stay healthy.

2. Breakfast Is A MustBreakfast-Is-A-Must

Never skip breakfast, our metabolic rate decreases leading to weight gain and digestion problems. Breakfast increases concentration, helps us focus better and controls weight.

3. Washing your hands. And then washing them again. And again. And again. And…

Hand sanitizers were invented for a reason. If your hands are dirty, you clean them. But after that you STOP. You have to. If you keep feeding your hands with sanitizers just like a loving mom feeds her baby with plain yogurt,, didn’t get the punchline now. But still, it’s not a healthy practice.

Research says that limited germ exposure is actually good as it builds immunity and an overly sterile environment is not good at all.

4. Avoid Mindless Eating

You are hungry, you eat. You are bored, you eat. You are angry, you eat. And you are lazy to do your chores, you eat again. Unless otherwise you have plans of getting shifted to a hospital permanently, DON’T do this.

Eat when you are hungry. As simple as that. Your stomach isn’t a dump-yard in which you can allow your emotional appetite to dispose its junk cravings. Eat only when you are hungry. And make sure it is only healthy food you are taking in. Eating just because food is there stacked inside the fridge, and that too being completely oblivious of what you are eating, can be dangerous.

5. Check The Nutrition LabelsCheck-The-Nutrition-Labels

Even I know what nutritional labels are. No big deal. But what most of us don’t know is to read them whenever we buy anything edible. All we do is fill the trolley with whatever that comes to our hand. Just like we have the evergreen habit of avoiding them, nutritional labels have the evergreen habit of telling us what the food contains. And mind you. They are ruthlessly honest.
They give us a clear picture about how good those ‘natural’ or ‘low fat’ foods we get attracted to are.

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